YOU, Make a Difference!

How to make a difference?

Keep yourself busy

I’m not one to get bored employee… But I had the opportunity to observe unhappy employees throughout my working life. They always tried to pull me down but I did not allow. Today I gave a pause to think about why I am not ever getting that bored at work. And I realized that I always keep myself busy, doing something, whether it’s productive or not. In this way, it would be inevitable for me to be a working person who makes a difference

Get out of your comfort zone

It’s easier to remain within the boundaries of where you feel comfortable. But by limiting yourself to what you know, you’re missing out on professional opportunities and personal growth. Here are some tips on how to get out of your comfort zone at work. Create challenges to push yourself in areas you want to improve. Decide on a few challenges for yourself designed to push you outside of your comfort zone in areas you want to develop. A technical competence that you think is not related to your job today, can enable you to be chosen amongst others one day. This is what makes a difference. The chance is not that the wind blows behind you, the chance is to be ready when it touches you.

Do not wait, act!

Don’t wait to be authorized. Nobody will give you authority in silver tray. You will have to struggle to have authority. So don’t wait, act. But do not forget about the importance of asking for the right thing on time.

Gülsünay Uysal

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