Why does a woman cry in her bussiness life?

Yes, that is what I often do. I don’t know if you call it a weakness or strengths. We had better discuss it! A few days ago, a gentleman of mine asked me why the women always cry while they are at work? I pondered and told him all about it but he wouldn’t understand. I felt like crying. One tends to cry when she realizes that she cannot make herself clear. Because it is only human who is in the hot pursuit of making out everything. Isn’t it? The same guy, referring to the management skills, said `hard to understand, easy to handle. So just do it! It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Here is how differently a man’s brain processes from that of a woman.

A research shows that 41% of women and 9% of men cry while at work. (Yasmine Yaghmour & Prof. Gail Kinman) The same research proves that women judge themselves more harshly because of their mistakes. In my opinion, that is the question. We were one of those who were prompted to feel brave while it was also us who raised “donnas”. Now, we kindly invite the ladies who we once intimidated right as they were about to speak up to compete on this unfair race. Those are the women who severely criticise themselves every time they make a mistake in their profesional lives.

The interesting thing is that crying while at work boosts efficiency as well as helping women become healthier and more productive by suddenly expressing their inner stress. The women who cry reevaluate what they do thus making with possible for them to outweigh men. It is possibly not a weakness. The women are likely to become more successful as they do not suppress their feelings. The fact that women are more sensitive than men has something to say about their evolution. However this does not mean that men will always fail to learn how to be sensitive. In a patriarchal community, it takes years for us women to get a slice of “man-made” cake, which leads to a change both in character and physical chemistry. Why don’t we try telling men, who find reasonable to manage but impossible to understand, all about this? No way. 

Gülsünay Uysal

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