Take care of your pyhsical and mental health. Stay positive and make this period count by using it for your training.

This is the time to turn the crisis into an opportunity as I indicated to everyone at @teklascareer: “Our routine has turned upside down. Good news! This is valid for everyone. Stop approaching as it is just happening to you and shake off. This is your new normal, get used to it. One day, when we woke up, we were breathing in the epidemic, where we did not know what was happening and how to avoid it. Therefore, shake off, leave denying on your behind, accept the situation and adapt it.
What Darwin said, the most adaptable ones to change will survive. The world is experiencing an enormous change. When we return to our workplace, if we still need offices, we will not be without masks, we will not work without social distance.If you agree on everything so far, we are ready to turn the crisis into an opportunity. We are in the last season of the “I want to do it but there is no time” excuse that all of us keep saying. Those who do not have time to learn a language, who want to read, write, revive their hobbies, it is time to act. There is a great opportunity for all finance for non-finance trainings, German courses, yoga, meditation, etc. The time that you lost on the way is in your pocket!
What you need in order to turn the crisis into an opportunity is taking care of your physical and mental health. You have to stay positive and make this period count by using it for your training. Do not be late to the opportunities that are given on a plate by the new normal!It is time to begin by searching what makes you feel better and by doing so you may listen ‘Empty’ from Nils Frahm!


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