Do Not Ask These Questions to The Candidates

An interview process is already a stressful process for candidates and as HR professionals; we should ease this process to ensure that both sides are experiencing a healthy recruitment. Thus, STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS;

  1. What are your weaknesses?
  2. What would your last manager say about you?
    These questions are typical interview questions which are asked by all of us to many candidates in the past but we need to accept that the time has changed.
    When it comes to the weaknesses… It is crucial to have self-realization but asking this as weaknesses should not be okay because the word itself calls negativity. We should ask this as “What should you improve on yourself?”. At least, in this way, we will be able to measure the self-realization and any will for self-development.
    The managers. Whether accept it or not, some managers are not real leaders and they should not lead a team. Imagine, if you have this non-leader manager who does not have the capability to lead a team; how this manager would be able to evaluate you correctly? Asking directly the view of the candidate’s last manager may cause a stressful environment and harm the process. Also, this candidate who did not assess as a successful in the one’s last company, could be the best talent for yours.
    To sum, the time has changed so Human Resources too. March with the time. Think outside the box.

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