Deciding which career path that the one will pursue is a hard process especially for the new generation since they are full of sense of wonder. This wonderment may be disturbing for some who could not keep up with the specialties of the generation. Although, I believe that this sense of wonder is something that everyone should have because someone who has no sense of wonder will not have the ability to question either.
The key for finding your true and accurate path for your future is having the ability to question. The generation belongs to the ones who have this ability. If you do not have the ability to question what you have heard, saw, witnessed and the source or any tiny detail of these, how you can expect to learn in a sufficient amount? Do you believe that you can decide which career path you want to pursue in your life without learning enough? In some point of our lives, all of us make the same mistake: we believe that we learn by making the same things with others. Let’s continue with an example: making an internship. I am not calling internship period as unnecessary of course, but if you have not ability to ask during your internship you are just wasting your time. Start by questioning yourself: are you just doing the task that is assigned to you or do you have the ability to question? If you are doing just what told you to do, congratulations, nothing has learned. Everyone can make an internship in this way. On the other hand, if you truly question your tasks but not in a way to criticize, rather in a way to learn the deepest point of it; then, you eased your decision about your future. Even you might not aware of, more you learn, more you will have the idea about what you like or dislike, about yourself and about your future.
Even questioning yourself while reading these on whether you have the ability to question is a proof that you have this ability. Do not forget, power is always in your hands to change things on yourself and the only one who may bring this power to the table is no one else but you.

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